Alien Charging Electronics Solution for the next Smart City


Step by step integration of Alien Charging Electronics mobility solutions:

“Success comes to those who adopt innovations and grasp opportunities”

Continuously developing technology caused people to have more and more complex requirements about personal comfort whether their daily activities implies working, playing, relaxing or traveling.

On- & off-street parking will rapidly change as new solutions are required to not only park your electric vehicle, but to also safely and efficiently charge your vehicle at the same time. At home on the driveway or garage, at work on the company car park or in the parking building, and in the (semi-)public domain in the parking building, on the parking lot, or on the street. Alien Charging Electronics links our existing parking meters with ‘open-loop’ POS technology with the newly distributed charging stations, something that clearly differentiates us from the current providers.

The way Alien Charging Electronics sees an intelligent city of the new millennium is distinguished by integrating and interconnecting its products and services to a central point control based on management of: local and long distance transportstation informingidentification and video surveillanceprofitable parkingstreamline and auto trafficfavorable recreational places. This is possible due to an existing compatibility between the subsystems and main points.

Today’s client-oriented technology standards allow identification and storage of information such as personal data, actions and events using a single method, a device that we will call the City Card. And consistent and accurate information for citizens, grants for all public transport vehicles or profitable activity of modern parking lots – all this data can be viewed and analyzed using dispatch or PDA software applications developed by the engineers of our company.



Smart City


The promotion of green solutions, such as driving electric vehicles (EVs) and the efficient use of the infrastructure, makes it possible to ‘steer’ mobility in the city to preferred locations, for example on the outskirts of a city, with alternative transport solutions to major destinations in the city itself, such as shopping centres, tourist attractions, etc. With good infrastructure, sophisticated solutions to charge up vehicles are also included in these policy plans.

These mobility hubs on the city edges must have a logical and well-functioning network of charging stations, where everyone, irrespective of the place of departure, can drive to with his or her EV at the designated public charging and parking area. If it is necessary to get near to the destination with such a vehicle, then at these places it is desirable to provide facilities that provide for a short stay. For electric vehicles this means a provision of superfast chargers, higher parking fees and direct follow-up on violations of these time restrictions. In this way, the traffic flow in the city is ensured and the investments remain focused on the preferred policy of the municipal administration.

Alien Charging Electronics’ solutions contribute to this policy vision. This by developing, selling, supplying and supporting an innovative total logistics solution to parking companies of cities and municipalities.






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