ACE – Hybrid

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ACE – Hybrid

Additional Information

Metal case

– steel / aluminum / stainless steel
– Paint in electrostatic field (anti-graffiti paint)
– Weather and acts of vandalism resistence
– Close in 5 or 6 points


– Connected to the public 230 V lighting network
– High quality Gel Battery
– Protection against electric shock
– Electrical filtration and debugging system
– Grounding system according to the electrical safety requirements


– High quality printing of 203/300 dpi with speeds up to 250 mm / s
– Robust stainless steel housing
– Reliable components

Coin Reader

– Accepts predefined coins and currencies set by the client
– Anti-liquid design
– Anti-lock system
– Coin recovery box

Bill reader*

– Accept banknotes in Lei, Euro or other currencies
– Possibility of introducing the note in any of the four ways
– Secured banknote cassette, capacity of 300/500/1000 banknotes

User Interface

– Monochrome LCD screen
– Anti-vandalism
– Metal keyboard, anti-vandalism, corrosion resistance


– online record collections
– rest granting possibility
– paper missing
– out of order
– lack of network power
– monetary
– events log
– machine access log

Extra Options

– Acoustic alarm in case of burglary