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parking management and EV charging stations


When implementing parking projects based on e-ticketing, Alien Charging Electronics comes with parking meters and ticket vending machines specially designed according to the current European requirements.


Alien Charging Electronics delivers state of the art equipment using the latest technologies. All components are durable and up the standards for outdoor use. Our engineers work with professional tools, create real innovative solutions and come up with easy-to-use customer centered devices that are up to the job.

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Continuously developing technology caused people to have more and more complex requirements about personal comfort whether their daily activities implies

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Corporate parking & charging (inside & outside)

The complete infrastructure will have to be adapted to the new demand to accommodate charging facilities for EVs from suppliers, customers and employees. Today there’s usually a small power supply for executive cars, but not scaled for the other categories. Supplying electricity to EVs for free as it usually is today, is not sustainable, and weighs heavily on the operating costs. Our solutions will provide enterprises with the possibility to minimize expenses, and even allow for a small and profitable supply of kWh to third parties that use the company charging stations.

On- & off-street parking & charging

Many municipalities will feel the pressure of the quickly increased demand to cater for EV charging possibilities in the public domain. Cities and villages will have to alter their infrastructure to accommodate their residents, tourists and other visitors. The combination of an integrated solution to collect parking fees and request payments for charging the same vehicle only makes sense. Also, semi-public parking areas will increase the demand for ‘open-loop’ charging stations. In Belgium alone the estimated number of EV charging stations will increase from less than 1.000 to more than 10.000 items.